Great North Swim 2020

Are you or your child interested in open water swimming?

Following on from this year’s successful event,  a group of swimmers (and some parents) from Wellington Swimming Club are again taking part in the Great North Swim at Windermere Lake of the weekend 5th June 2020, fundraising for the Georgia Williams Trust.

This is an open water swim event and any swimmer aged 8 and over can take part. The distance swimmers can complete is subject to age restrictions and swimming ability. Children under 12 years of age have to be accompanied by a adult. Below is the link for more details:

The club will not be organising travel, accommodation or be responsible for individual swimmers taking part, so every child swimmer will need to be accompanied  by a responsible adult for the duration. There is an entry charge and  swimmers under the age of 16 must wear a wetsuit. 

The plan is to try and book all the swims in for Sunday 7th June and to raise money together for the chosen charity.  To help prepare for the event a couple of open water sessions will be organised so everyone can get some experience. 

If you are interested in taking part then please let me know by 1st November 2019 to allow enough time to organise /coordinate the lead up to the event. In the mean time have a look at the Great North Swim website for more details. 

Many Thanks 

Sam Morrow Club Secretary WSC

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